JLRE is a boutique-style real estate company in South Boston, MA that differs from the standard brokerage in several ways. We are selective, we are fashionable, we are pet friendly and we are contemporary. We know the best—and not just the best properties, we know the best dry cleaners to the best butchers to the best coffee shops to the best restaurants. JLRE will be your one-stop information resource for the who, what, when and where in your new neighborhood. At Joyce Lebedew Real Estate, we pride ourselves on being more than just a real estate agency. We are part of a community, one that we not only love, but one that we grew up in as well. Our goal goes above and beyond simply helping people to buy, sell or rent a home; we strive to make our clients feel at home in South Boston as well. Here at JLRE, we sell what we know, what we love and where we would live ourselves. We know South Boston inside and out, we know the South Boston real estate market inside and out, and we share our deep understanding of the local South Boston neighborhoods with you so that your home purchase is aligned with your lifestyle, tastes and preferences.

We have never and will never sell simply to sell. We have been known to talk clients out of a purchase that we know from engaging with them is not the right fit. Joyce Lebedew Real Estate is founded on the belief that each and every one of our clients should have the satisfaction, joy and peace of mind that what they are selling, buying or renting is right for them and is being handled by capable and qualified people.

We know how stressful the selling or buying of a home can be and that sometimes it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We also know that with the Joyce Lebedew team on your side, the process will go more smoothly and your level of stress and anxiety will be lessened. We have an incredible network of service providers that can help you with home improvement projects – from carpenters and plumbers to plasterers and electricians. These are people that we have longstanding relationships with and that we know and trust. Like us, they are vested in our community.

The Joyce Lebedew Real Estate team looks forward to working with you to achieve your real estate goals. We are confident that once we have worked together, our relationship will move from one of agent and client to one of true friendship. We hope that you select us as your partner and we will do everything in our power to exceed your expectations.

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